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The Sweeney Carpet Cleaning Method

The Sweeney Cleaning Co is family owned and operated by the four Sweeney brothers. Our customers have been trusting us for over 38 years to perform the finest home cleaning services in the Sarasota & Manatee county areas.

Our eco-friendly and natural cleaning process produces the most effective carpet cleaning solution available.

Our award winning, carpet cleaning method is recognized as safe and effective on all types of carpets and area rugs.

When our cleaning solution is applied on your carpet, it draws the gritty dirt from deep down in the pile. This brings the soil into suspension where it’s quickly extracted leaving the carpet and area rug clean all the way down to the carpet backing – and not just on the surface.

The Sweeney Cleaning Method Is Safe For Your Kids & Pets

Baby, cat and small dog all lying down on a carpet - photo collage

In addition, 80% of other carpet cleaning companies use steam. Therefore, they have to keep your doors open while cleaning your carpet. This means there is a likelihood that your pets may get outside and run away.

We avoid this potential situation since we don’t use steam, which requires that you run hoses from outside, all the way from the truck to inside your house.

Our equipment is portable, so your doors remain closed during the cleaning process. This means your pets are secure indoors, and there are no critters or flying insects coming inside your home while the cleaning process is underway.

Plus, our eco-friendly carpet cleaning solutions are safe for your family and pets.

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As a result, we have consistently been chosen and ranked among the top carpet cleaners in Sarasota for the past 20 years, in the Herald Tribune Sarasota Reader’s Choice.

So you can rest assured that when you hire Sweeney Cleaning Co, you will get professional and top quality services, from an award winning carpet cleaning company in Sarasota county.

You can also be confident that there will be no price gimmicks, and that there’s always a family member on every job.

We Care About Giving Your Home a Clean, Refreshed Look

Carpet Cleaning Sarasota Fl

Our carpet cleaning method is also safe for manufactured homes whose floors are made of fiberboard or plywood.

Most carpet cleaners use steam which soaks your carpet.

This is definitely not recommended for houses with fiberboard or plywood, since the floors underneath can warp.

And also mildew can form when these types of floors are soaked with water.

Carpet cleaning done right, can revive your carpet and area rugs.

Commercial & High-rise Condo Carpet Cleaning Service

Sweeney Cleaning’s process is beneficial to condominium and high rise buildings, because the Sweeney Boys do not run hoses outside the building.

As John Sweeney explains, “other carpet cleaners run hoses from their trucks in the parking lot, all the way up to your condo, which is several stories high. This creates a situation where its too great a distance for their machines to effectively extract the moisture and dirt out of your carpet.”

As a result over-wetting and mildew becomes a problem. This is why Sweeney Cleaning is so popular with the managers and owners of condominium buildings.

Because of that Sweeney Cleaning also offers carpet cleaning and area rug cleaning services to residents and businesses in BradentonLakewood RanchVenicePort CharlotteLongboat KeyNokomisOspreyNorth PortEllentonParrishEnglewood, and Palmetto, FL.

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