Cleaning Your Furniture – Why It’s a Must!

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Great, well kept furniture can create a wonderful atmosphere in your home. On the other hand, dingy and dirty furniture really brings your home’s beauty down a notch. Homeowners often underestimate how important furniture care is in the overall presentation of their homes. Cleaning furniture is a must if you want to maintain a beautiful space and increase the longevity of your furniture.

Many homeowners come to Sweeney Cleaning and ask us if it’s really necessary to have their sofa or loveseats cleaned professionally. We often say when you wear an item of clothing, you wash it to keep it fresh. If you regularly use a piece of furniture, like your couch or dining chairs, it’s just good sense to have them cleaned. Though your furniture is a lot more durable than your clothes, you still want to care for them properly. Especially if you have pets in your house!

Cleaning furniture is a key component of your home’s maintenance, just like doing your laundry is a key component of your overall appearance. Having your furniture regularly cleaned by pros like Sweeney Cleaning will keep your home looking spotless. Your guests will rave about how great your couch still looks after all these years.

A good cleaning once a year will keep your favorite pieces looking sharp and fresh. For any other pieces or pieces that don’t get as much use, every other year is fine. You can greatly increase the lifespan of your furniture by taking care of them with regular cleaning.

We here at Sweeney Cleaning are experts when it comes to furniture cleaning. We both wet and dry clean furniture.

We also do grout cleaning and sealing, carpet cleaning, air duct & dryer vent cleaning, pressure and power washing, paver cleaning for residential homes and business premises, and drapery, curtain, and window blinds cleaning.

Contact Sweeney Cleaning today and we can get you started on the path to regular furniture maintenance.

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