Grout Maintenance For Tile Floors

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Tile flooring is a beautiful option that can add a very sophisticated and elegant look to your home on top of being easy to clean and maintain. But a tile floor can only come together with grout, and in addition, professional tile and grout cleaning to make sure it maintains that great look. So if you have tile floors in your home, you’ll need to have your grout cleaned and sealed periodically to keep your floor looking wonderful and new.

Sweeney Cleaning can help with all of your grout care needs. We can easily come in and clean off your grout. Then we’ll apply either a clear seal or a color seal over the newly cleaned grout. A clear seal is typically used for newer floors since the grout itself is still in good condition.

Don’t worry if your tile floor is a bit older. We can apply a high-quality sealant to your grout after cleaning it up. Older floors with grout that has been sitting there for a while can start to show some discoloration. This is easily fixed with a color seal on your grout and before you know it, your floor will look brand new.

Regularly cleaning your grout and having it sealed again is incredibly important in order to maintain the beauty of your tile floors. Grout might not be something that you think of, at least not after your tile floor is put in. But keeping an eye on your grout and maintaining it properly will ensure that your floor continues to look brand new.

Cleaning and sealing the grout in your tile floors will produce a rewarding result and your floor will be able to sustain its beautiful look for a longer period of time. You won’t have to worry about your floor looking old and dull for a long while.

Call Sweeney Cleaning today if the grout in your tile floor is in need of a facelift. We offer a number of color options and would love to take care of your grout maintenance. Let our professional cleaners show you that your floor can look as good as new after some cleaning and sealing.

Remember, we offer more than just carpet and tile & grout cleaning, we also clean your drapery and curtains in place at home, we also do pressure cleaning which is great during summer months, we do paver cleaning, air duct and dryer vent cleaning, and upholstery and furniture cleaning.

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