Reasons You Probably Should Consider Calling The Pros

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Should You Consider Calling The Pros?
There are a lot of people out there who think they don’t need a professional carpet cleaning service. However most of them are, in fact, wrong. There are plenty of great reasons for a home to receive a deep carpet cleaning treatment from a professional carpet cleaner in Sarasota.

Ideally you should have your carpets professionally cleaned twice a year. But there are other reasons or situations where you might need to have them professionally cleaned in-between those two times in a year.

If any of the following reasons apply to you (trust me, at least one of them does), then you’re going to want to start thinking about scheduling your next carpet cleaning with us quickly.

  • You Have Kids
    Children are adorable; particularly when they’re tracking mud through the house, spilling food, finger painting the walls, being general mess-makers, and doing any number of other things that can be devastating to your carpets and furniture, right? Once they start walking, there tends to be a lot of foot traffic with all that energy. So if you’ve got kids, you need the number for a professional carpet cleaner as badly as you need a vacation.
  • You Have Pets
    Pets are a lot like children in a lot of ways, particularly when it comes to making messes. They drool, they track mud, and sometimes they mistake your carpets for a bathroom.
  • Your Carpets Have Tough Stains
    If you have stains that aren’t coming off on their own, and no amount of club soda and dish soap is helping, you need a professional. Professional carpet cleaners have specialized services and products to help make the impossible easy.
  • You’re Hosting A Big Event
    If you’re hosting a big event, chances are high that you’ll want your entire house looking perfect in order to impress. Of course, this includes your carpets, drapery, and curtains. Getting your carpets cleaned a day or so before your big event can help you get that little boost you need to impress the best. Our carpet cleaning methods provide for Quick drying time, no soaking, no odors, and designed to prevent color fading.
  • Your Carpets Haven’t Been Professionally Cleaned In Over A Year
    You should have your carpets professionally cleaned twice a year, once at the very least. If you incur a lot of mess in between cleanings, you may want to consider having them done more often.
  • You Have A Lot Of Foot Traffic
    If your home has become the central hub of your extended circle of family and friends, or if there’s just a lot of foot traffic on a day to day basis, you’re most definitely in need of a little TLC from the pros. The more people trekking through your home, the more dirt there’s going to be.
  • You Want New Carpets
    This is probably the most obvious reason to get your carpets professionally cleaned. Unless you want to actually buy new carpets, getting them deep cleaned is going to save you a ton of money instead.
  • You Wish Your Carpets Were Easier To Maintain
    Carpets that are professionally cleaned enjoy an easier level of upkeep for quite some time after cleaning.


If you’ve decided by now that you want to use a carpet cleaning service, just give us a call at 941-921-5565. Many times we have specials, coupons, and current promos going. On top of affordable prices and rates for any size and type of residence or commercial building.

Plus, we use eco-friendly cleaning solutions. So you can rest assured that not only are your carpets going to have a deep clean, but that your indoor air quality is probably going to rise as well.

Sweeney Cleaning also does pressure washing, paver cleaning, and tile and grout cleaning and sealing for grout floor restoration.

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