It may be “winter” in Sarasota now, but it’s never too early to start thinking about getting your summertime pressure cleaning done. After all, with this Florida weather it can seem like summertime all year round. Pressure cleaning is very important for keeping your home sparkly clean and keeping that icky mold at bay.

Our current winter has been warm and humid thus far, which makes it even more crucial to start thinking about getting your house pressure cleaned in the summer. While winter typically tends to be drier and the summer months tend to be rainier, having a warmer winter like this one will only exacerbate the effects of heat and humidity on your home.

Now is a great time to get your pressure cleaning done for your house for a few reasons. With more sunshine and visitors, you want your home to look immaculately clean. With a deep pressure treatment from Sweeney Cleaning Co, your home’s exterior will be the brightest on the block.

Although this issue is more common during the summer season, this warm winter has been increasing the possibility of algae buildup around lanai cages and mold build up around your home. Mold definitely puts a damper on your home’s beauty. Heat and humidity is the perfect recipe for mold growth and a warm Florida winter can help it grow in abundance.

The team at Sweeney Cleaning are experts at pressure cleaning. While a pressure wash won’t be enough to totally get rid of any buildup you have, it will certainly uncover the true beauty of your home. You’ll need a mildewcide to get rid of the mold but we’re happy to take care of that as well while we do your pressure cleaning and get two jobs done at once.

Get in touch with Sweeney Cleaning today to start planning your summertime pressure cleaning and mildewcide session.

We also do tile and grout floor cleaning, upholstery cleaning services, air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning, paver cleaning, drapery, curtains, and blinds cleaning in-home service, and of course carpet and area rug cleaning services.

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