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In-Home Curtain Cleaning Services for Sarasota Homes & Businesses

-Benefits of Our In-Home Drapes, Curtain, & Window Blinds Cleaning-

  • There is no need to take down your curtains.

  • No bare windows, No loss of privacy.

  • No shrinking or stretching, GUARANTEED!

  • No tedious re-hanging.

  • Half the price of taking down.

*Senior Citizens Discount Available. Call Now For More Details!

Dirty Drapes Overshadow the Beauty of Your Home

curtain cleaning servicesDrapes hang for years and are virtually ignored. Over this period of time they collect dust and contaminants present in the air. While you might not notice how much dust has accumulated over time, your guests most certainly will see the dusty appearance and lackluster look.

Your drapes are saying “How about me! I need cleaning too.” Professional drapery cleaning prolongs the life of your drapery material and gives them that fresh appearance again.

The Good News! You Don’t Have to Take Down
Your Draperies to Have Them Cleaned

Fortunately, there is a drapery cleaning service near you that cleans your Window Blinds Cleaner Sarasota FLdrapes, blinds, curtains, and window treatments right in your home. The Sweeney drapery cleaning service and method is done without disturbing the look of your home, or having to take down your curtains.

With our drapery dry cleaning, we clean your drapes and curtains without washing. Meaning that we can clean your drapery curtains without taking them down. That’s a huge benefit because we clean your drapes, blinds and curtains in your home while they are hanging.

You also save time and money because you don’t have to trudge down to the cleaners. Plus, with our in-home cleaning service you avoid the loss of privacy.

Sweeney Cleaning Co’s patented process uses portable dry cleaning machines. These state-of-the-art machines clean both sides of your drapery fabric. Best of all, your drapes are immediately dry to the touch after cleaning.

Homeowners throughout Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice, Ellenton, Lakewood Ranch, North Port, and Port Charlotte also take advantage of our drapery cleaning system for valances, cornice boxes, and fabric vertical blinds. In addition to our furniture cleaning services that we also provide.

So if you are looking for drapery cleaners near me, Sweeney Cleaning is the best in Sarasota, Manatee, Port Charlotte counties with our award winning cleaning services and solutions. We also provide commercial drapery cleaning to local businesses in all these counties.

Wherever we go, people are thrilled with our drapery cleaning system because it’s so convenient.

With a family member on every job, you will definitely see a difference with our Sweeney cleaning methods and solutions for drapery, furniture, carpet, air ducts, or tile and grout cleaning services.

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With Sweeney Cleaning, you get cleaner curtains and a cleaner home. Let us refresh the look of your rooms today with our professional curtain cleaning service. Call now to get your complimentary quote today.

We also service residents and businesses in Longboat Key, Nokomis, Osprey, Englewood, Parrish, & Palmetto.

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